grantwood (grantwood) wrote in grantwoodian,

Rumors surfacing...

There have been rumors swirling lately that Grant's Farm is going to be sold, excluding the family's mansion and the historical sites. I have also been receiving emails from people who are seeing surveyors along the fence parallel to Gravois, and I myself saw a mapping helicopter flying circles over the park last week.

I have also heard from a reliable source who is in frequent contact with Billy Busch that Grant's Farm is being "sold back to the brewery".

I realize that we are all a little gun-shy and may be quick to jump to conclusions. I am trying to find out any information that I can to either confirm or squelch these rumors. Any information that I do find, I will post ASAP on this blog site. I would rather be informed and pro-active towards any future community developments than spend time repeating the fiasco that has been Villages at Gravois Creek.

One of the things I have done is email Anheuser-Busch with my question regarding a sale of Grant's Farm. Perhaps we could all do that, and maybe then get some kind of answer (or at least a reaction!).

The email link page is:
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