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Grantwood Village
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Sunday, April 13th, 2008
6:49 pm
Hello Neighbors!

This is my last post to this blog, a fun little vehicle for the last 2+ years to get out the information needed regarding the development on Andy Busch's land. A few other posts were tucked in here and there, but since the development issue has been resolved, it's time to put this baby to bed.

Linda Blackburn of Forest Haven has built a website for Grantwood Village, replete with emails and a discussion forum! You can visit this site here http://www.grantwoodvillage.info/! Hopefully this can be a neutral both-sides-of-the-fence place to discuss relevant issues happening within our neighborhood.

Feel free to email Linda Blackburn and send her updates or information!

Thanks for the fun!!

Elise Vandover
Sunday, April 6th, 2008
2:00 pm
Subject: Important ELECTION Tuesday, April 8
Attention GRANTWOOD VILLAGE Residents:

By now you should have received flyers about TWO WRITE-IN CANDIDATES for the Grantwood Village Board of Directors.

During the past few years our Village Board has become increasingly deaf to the wishes of its citizens. Our board consistently IGNORES citizen input and does whatever it wants to. Our citizens have been berated, yelled at and consistently IGNORED during meetings where their input was sought only AFTER a decision had been made.

you have an opportunity to change the nature of this board by

two civic minded residents who have filed as

Our Village was once considered among the top 10 municipalities in St. Louis County, along with Ladue, Clayton and Frontenac. For some unknown reason our board seems intent on turning it into a mediocre, unattractive town that just goes along with whatever comes its way.

A few of the concerns of Grantwood Village residents are:

* The cell phone tower contract which was shoved down our throats with the threat of a never before mentioned need for a tax increase despite soaring real estate tax gains
* Unacceptable snow removal which blocks driveways and destroys streets and parkway vegetation
* A trash pick-up contract that eliminated rear pickup and twice weekly service, and instead, places 374 ugly green containers on our streets every Monday.
* Lack of any attempt to offer curbside leaf removal despite expressed interest by citizens who live in this FOREST.
* Excessive expenditures on grounds maintenance, which has resulted in the death of several old trees
* A less than OPEN bid process for Village services
* And, a general LACK of COMMUNICATION with CITIZENS. This blog is fairly well hidden but a few of us have found it. It is NOT enough. Websites are FREE and so is E-Mail. What is the hold-up? Then, too. It costs nothing to actually TALK to your neighbors.

Please VOTE only FOR these TWO write-in candidates


It's EASY. When you open your electronic ballot on Tuesday you will be given three choices.

____ Donald Dempsey
____ Kathy Forand
____ Write-in

IGNORE Kathy and Don, who have ignored us, and CHOOSE " WRITE-IN" You will then see a keyboard. Simply type in


You will be asked to "ACCEPT" Do that and then type in


and Accept that.

If you are intimidated by the electronic voting process, ASK FOR A PAPER BALLOT. Their names should be on it.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have just changed the future of your home and community. Along with Mr. Boone, who seems to be the only reasonable member of the board, they can make a big difference.

THIS IS IMPORTANT! Please VOTE only FOR these TWO write-in candidates - BILL HYPES and NANCY HUMES.

Thank You,

Linda Blackburn
8801 Julia Dent Drive
Resident since 1953

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008
12:53 pm
Village Cell Tower Letter posted by Paul Faust

Town of Grantwood Village Village

One Missionary Ridge
Grantwood Village
, MO 63123-2044

Phone: 314-842-4409 Fax: 31A-8A2-8837

March 24, 2008

Dear Villagers,

After six months of discussion, public input, and research, the decision to enter into a contract with U.S. Cellular was finalized at the March Board of Trustees meeting. As your Board, we are committed to acting in the best interest of our residents and our Village. The planned rev­enue from this tower, located on Village Hall property, will ensure that the Village will be able to maintain its current level of services, without requesting a vote to increase residents' property taxes in the foreseeable future.

We understand this issue is contentious. And, in recognizing the concerns of some residents, the Board negotiated the following changes with U.S. Cellular since the February Board meeting:

·    The Tower has been moved 50 feet to the Southeast and will now be at the edge of the Village Hall parking lot, between The Village Hall and Sam's Steakhouse. Never was the Tower to be placed on any Resident's property. This incorrect information was later addressed and determined to indeed be misinformation.

·    The monthly fee to be paid by U.S. Cellular was increased from $1500 to $1800. Should U.S. Cellular, as owners of the Tower, decide to abandon this location, regard­less if other companies are also using it, they must take the Tower down and remove it completely at their own expense.

·    To adhere to Village code and in effort to make this project aesthetically pleasing, there will now be a brick structure rather than merely a privacy fence encompassing the equipment boxes located in front of the Tower. Additionally, the site will be pro­fessionally landscaped to reflect the surrounding green space of our Village.

Issues regarding the safety of Cell Phone Towers were also addressed. Upon extensive research, the Board found no apparent health risks associated with cell phone towers. The Trustees learned, for example, that the use of a cell phone actually exposes the body to stronger radiofrequency waves than the tower itself. Furthermore, the closer a cell phone user is to a tower, the weaker the radiofrequency waves emitted from the phone, thereby minimizing that same impact. We recommend visiting the American Cancer Society's website, www.cancer.org, for more information.

As a Board, we were concerned that if U.S. Cellular was unable to locate a tower in the imme­diate area, that other locations could be considered for this tower, which would either subject the Village to protracted litigation or place a tower nearby without providing any revenue for the Village. When examining our boundaries, we felt that of all potential sites adjacent to or within the Village limits, that the Village Hall property would be the least intrusive, overall, to the 345 homes in the Village. We also thought that it was fiscally irresponsible to pass on this


(Villagers, page 2)


opportunity if the Tower might potentially be located in a nearby commercial zone or just out­side Village boundaries, yet still visible to residents. While researching the legalities of this proposal, we learned that under Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, communi­ties reserve the rights over general placement and other modifications of the towers. However, we cannot set zoning limitations nor ban them completely. The prospects of a federal lawsuit would be practically and fiscally unreasonable for the Village at this time.

We appreciate the residents who voiced their opinions and concerns over the past three months. Many of you attended the meetings, individually spoke to trustees, and responded to our survey. Some residents chose to distribute flyers that attempted to undermine the efforts of this Board and other residents who were attempting to engage in factual debate of the issues. This was not an easy decision. Grantwood Village prides itself on being a strong, unified community, joined by its love of our neighborhood's history, green space, and camaraderie. It is our hope that the residents recognize the efforts of this Board to protect the fiscal future of your Village for anoth­er seventy years!




Grantwood Village Board of Trustees

Robert A. Prebil Chairman


Thursday, March 20th, 2008
1:00 pm
Village Board Meeting March 18

It has been several days now and I must share my disappointment with the Trustees.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Trustees announced that at a Special (secret) meeting on February 28(??) the Cell Tower had been approved.  They then proceeded to authorize the Chairman to contract and after all their actions they then heard comments from the 25 or so residents in attendance.  All the comments were meaningless since since the Trustees had voted at a Special (secret), albeit legally, for the tower.

Trustee Don Dempsey  asked  why  folks didn't come to meetings more often?  I can answer that.  We don't come more often because you conduct you business in Special (secret) meetings. The newsletter or this blog had nothing from the Trustees about  the cell tower or a Special meeting. 
The Trustees seem to be in a rush to climb in bed with the cell tower company for 25 years (the cell tower company can cancel every 5 years after removing the tower and we can not)  WHY?
Have the politics of Pst, Pst  returned?
I felt rather foolish sitting there listening to what HAD been done. 

The very least the Trustees owe us is the facts, open debates-hearings, public comments, Trustee comments followed by a public, scheduled vote of the Trustees, in that order.

I point out to our Trustees they have the right to use this Blog either individually or as the Board.  Why not publish the newsletter here also? 

The light of day makes a democracy work; Special (secret) meetings kill the process.

Paul Faust
7617 Bracken
Grantwood MO 63123

Saturday, March 15th, 2008
5:58 pm
Come and share your opinion!!
Please plan on joining your community at the Grantwood Village Town Hall on Tuesday, March 18 at 7:30 p.m. to share your views and opinions regarding the proposed cellular tower to be erected on the Town Hall's property site.

The trustees will be there to answer your questions regarding the proposed cellular tower. Plan on attending so your opinion can be heard by the board!
Monday, March 10th, 2008
12:07 pm
Cell Tower Competitive Bids



The Board of Trustees
Grantwood Village
One Missionary Ridge
Grantwood MO 63123

March 10, 2008



I am shocked and dismayed at the reluctance to take competitive bids on the cell tower issue.


You take bids on the street repairs and island maintenance, yet you want to commit the Village to a 25 year contract without a bidding process?    


Please don’t insult any of us with the lame “we think it is a good deal for the Village” drivel.  Without competitive bids you do not know.  Without competitive bids your opinion is based on your conjecture, not facts. On the open market the cell tower lease could be worth twice as much as offered or it may be the same.  Without competitive bids no one knows the facts.


If you fail to take competitive bids, you are either in league with US Cellular or you are lazy.  The politics of pst pst and backdoor deals win if you fail to take competitive bids.





Paul A. Faust
7617 Bracken Circle
Grantwood MO 63123

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008
7:23 pm
Cell Tower

I have received pictures of the proposed cell tower.  Here are the facts as best I can relate.


It is 130 feet tall "Stealth" pole, which appears as a tapered pole with no protruding antenna.
The 10 foot by 12 foot shelter for equipment at the tower base is concealed by a vinyl fence.
From the city hall parking lot the vinyl fence and tall pole are visible.   Perhaps green vinyl would be better.

A fence on the other side would also block  the equipment view from Bob Gray's side.

This is not a typical cell tower with protruding antenna. 
The proposed cell tower is disguised.

It will be designed by professional engineers and meet all codes.  While it will attract lightning and the lightning strike will be conducted to ground and the homes in the area will be LESS likely to be struck by lightning.  Notice the MUCH larger and taller galvanized steel power poles are along the bike path.  You can walk up to these and touch them.  People are not electrocuted by lightning from these poles either, they are grounded.

I would like to point out a personal experience.  I have a vacation home near Pine Island Florida where Charlie struck with full force.
It leveled all buildings; the only thing left were the cell towers. 

These towers are structurally and electrically SAFE.


In my opinion the $18 K in income is more than worth the minor change in views.

I do not believe it will impact any adjacent or Village property values.

Also there was talk that the $18K was the same as a $55 per year tax increase on every home.  I hope all realize that is about a 30% increase in taxes we pay the Village and I won't accept a 30% increase in any of my taxes.  The already obscene increases that have been forced on us due to re-assesment , without our vote, is not the way a democracy should operate.

It is a shame that Bob Gray does not have a computer.
I would hope Bob is willing to compromise and help his neighbors reduce our tax burden with this outside source of income.

To the Trustees, I have to say thank you; something I am not prone to do.  This is an outside source of income and it should be considered by the Village. Thanks also for the letter and the post card vote (please send one for each voter next time to promote domestic tranquility).

Next Village meeting Tuesday February 19, 7:30pm.

Thanks to all for participating.  Our Village is as close as we will ever come to a pure democracy.

Paul Faust
Professional Engineer
Monday, February 11th, 2008
8:08 pm
Cell Towers

You must view this from U-Tube.  It shows how cell towers are hidden from view.


Bob Gray must see this.  This could be the answer.

Paul Faust
11:16 am
Cell Tower
I'm all for the cell tower.  It will give us 18K per year that we do not have to pay.
Have any seen the flag pole cell tower out Manchester.
It looks great.
Paul Faust
Sunday, February 10th, 2008
8:35 am
Here is a timely update for all our bloggers!
What follows below should be self-explanatory. Earlier enacted zoning, which allowed for dense residential development, with all its accompanying issues, has been negated by this new legislation. We seem to be at a long-awaited end. Perhaps this will provide you with some final closure regarding the “Villages at Gravois Creek”, and the strong sense of a community job well-done.

We first became aware of a proposed residential development in October, 2005. Here, 28 months later, we come to a resolution of our contest with the county.



Tuesday February 5, 2008 6:00 P.M.















At this time Councilman Campisi expressed his appreciation to everyone who had assisted with this legislation. He wished the developers all the success with their endeavors and extended his willingness to assist them with any future needs in this regard.

Taking the earlier development to task in court provided everyone the time to reconsider, discuss and arrive at a shared agreement on a better course for this property. What we might have had, in light of the current housing implosion, now seems fairly clear. We would have been faced, along Gravois Road, with a cleared and yet undeveloped tract, prone to erosion; not benefiting anyone. What we have instead is the promise of a low-impact development by an environmentally-savvy organization. Erickson's long-term interests are directly tied to the ongoing viability and marketability of this property. We believe it constitutes a win for the whole surrounding area.

Attached is a .pdf document from our legal team, explaining the outcome of the lawsuit. It is difficult to hold a community together in a protracted lawsuit, let alone pay the monthly bills associated with the litigation. Two and a half years of managing to do this is compelling testimony to the strength of community in this area. Our thanks go out to all those who made up this effort: passing out flyers, soliciting signatures on petitions, speaking out in the papers, on radio, and in the county council sessions, holding placards at a protest, and sending in financial support. What a joy to live in such a neighborhood!

Best regards to you all;

Grassroots on Gravois

Current Mood: accomplished
Saturday, November 24th, 2007
9:21 pm
Planning Meeting
The St. Louis County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing at 7:00 pm on Monday, December 10, 2007 in the County Council Chambers, 1st Floor, Administration Building, County Government Center, 41 South Central Avenue, Clayton, Missouri 63105. If you wish to attend this public meeting and require accommodation due to disability, please contact the Department of Planning 48 hours in advance at 314-615-5467. If you need a ride to the meeting, please reply to this blog post and I will help arrange one for you.

To view a copy of the agenda for the meeting, please click here. The entry that interests Grantwood Village is entitled "St. Louis Campus, L.L.C." (Erickson Retirement Community).

The plan that Erickson has presented is very thoughtful, and goes beyond what the county requires. Grassroots on Gravois is optimistic regarding this development, as well as happy to reach a livable, workable solution for all parties (Grantwood Village, Affton Athletics, Cor Jesu, Musick Road) and issues (traffic, zoning, buildings, flooding, wastewater) involved.

If you didn't get a chance to attend either Erickson meeting held at Cor Jesu, and need information, please reply to this blog entry. If you have any questions or comments, again: please reply to this blog entry and I will direct you to the best person to answer your questions and comments.
Wednesday, October 24th, 2007
8:39 pm
Don't forget!
Tomorrow night is your last chance to attend the Ericson Retirement Community's informational meeting, Oct. 25, at 6:30 pm at the Cor Jesu auditorium. It is worth attending - Erickson presents a lot of information in a very professional manner, and they give ample time for questions and comments. Now is the time to gather information - we don't want the first time we hear of these guys to be at the St. Louis County Council meeting when they present their case!

Please plan on attending!
Tuesday, October 9th, 2007
4:04 pm
You are invited
Please mark your calendars for an invitation to hear details on a proposed development of the Grant's Farm Manor land for either Wednesday, October 17 at 6:30 pm or Thursday, October 25 at 6:30 pm. Both meetings are the same format/content, and will both be held at Cor Jesu's Theater.

This is the place to ask your questions, state your concerns and voice your comments. PLEASE try to attend one of the two scheduled nights so that you can be informed and have a voice.

Ericson Invitation
2:13 pm
Now for some more news!
Here is a story that ran today in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch; just another confirmation that the development is serious and under way! When you read it, please remember: the bank, TV station, med center, etc.... are all for residents - in no way is Ericson Communities building a strip mall!
Monday, October 8th, 2007
7:07 am
More information!
Here is more information to confirm the good news! Attached is a .pdf of an article from the St. Louis Biz Journal from their latest edition (10/5 - 10/11). You can read all about the development and how it will enhance Cor Jesu (as well as Grantwood Village and surrounding communities) here.

Now for the pictures! Attached here is a .pdf of an aerial view of the Gravois Road frontage of the parcel/land deal. Although it doesn't show the Musick side of the plan, it gives a good idea of what the development will be.

Erickson Retirement Communities is planning on having several Q&A meetings with the public, starting next week. Specific dates and times will be posted here just as soon as I know them! Please plan on attending one of their informational meetings so that you can be fully aware of what their plans are, as well as have a chance to ask any questions of the developer's representatives.

To learn more about Erickson Retirement Communities, please visit their website at http://www.ericksoncommunities.com/.

Stay tuned!
Saturday, October 6th, 2007
7:29 am
It's happening!
After two years of fighting, struggling, meeting, canvasing, fundraising.....we can all begin to breathe a little easier! (stay tuned for more!!)


Cor Jesu Academy announced today that the school has entered into an agreement to purchase land bordering its campus from Grant's Farm Manor owner Andy Busch. Cor Jesu's acquisition will double the size of its campus and allow the school to expand classroom and athletic facilities to enhance the student experience for young Catholic women from throughout the metropolitan area. Erickson Retirement Community is purchasing the remaining acreage from Grant's Farm Manor. The closing of both Erickson's and Cor Jesu's purchases are contingent upon Erickson Retirement Community's final zoning approval from the St. Louis County Council.

"We are very happy and grateful to both Andy Busch and Erickson Retirement Communities for negotiating the land purchase," said Cor Jesu President Sr. Barbara Thomas, ASCJ. "And all of us are very pleased with the results. We believe the additional 15 acres will give us the flexibility we need to stay in the forefront of educating and developing female students by offering them the most complete educational experience available in the St. Louis area. The increased size of our campus will enable us to provide the state-of-the-art facilities so essential to top-academic institutions, including new science labs, field house, fine arts center, and other facilities to meet the needs of today's top students. We will also be expanding our athletic facilities and fields."

In recent years, officials from Cor Jesu Academy have been in discussions with Grant's Farm Manor property owner Andy Busch, regarding the possible purchase of acreage adjacent to the school property.

"We have always been happy with the location of Cor Jesu Academy but were landlocked in terms of our ability to undertake the campus expansion we believe is needed to remain one of the premier educators of young Catholic women in St. Louis ," said Sr. Barbara.

Cor Jesu will purchase six acres adjacent to the school from Andy Busch. Erickson Retirement Communities, which has contracted to purchase Grant's Farm Manor from Busch, will donate nine acres of common ground for the school to use for athletic fields and parking.

"Today, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Busch and the leadership at Erickson for helping us realize our goal," said Sr. Barbara. "Future generations of Cor Jesu students and future leaders of our community will benefit from Andy Busch's and Erickson's willingness to work with us and reach this mutual agreement," said Sr. Sheila O'Neill, ASCJ, Ph.D., formerly principal of Cor Jesu Academy and currently director of mission advancement for the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus congregation. "Personally, I am very grateful to Andy for his friendship and his help in obtaining the property."

"As a graduate of Cor Jesu, I have seen many young women come out of this great school and go on to leadership positions in government, industry and all other walks of life," said Ann L. Wagner, Cor Jesu class of 1980 and the current United States Ambassador to Luxembourg. "Today's announcement will ensure that the school's role as a top educator of women in this community continues for decades to come."

Cor Jesu Academy, which is operated by the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, provides total education to 580 young women, fulfilling the students' academic, spiritual, emotional and physical needs. Since it opened in 1956, Cor Jesu has educated more than 4,500 women, who are directly impacting the communities in which they live. The school has been at its present 13-acre location since 1965.
Monday, July 30th, 2007
8:01 am
National Night Out is Tuesday, August 7th
"National Night Out" is the once-a-year opportunity to get out and meet your neighbors! It will be celebrated on Tuesday, August 7th from 6-8 PM. So, turn on your porch lights, bring lawn chairs and come to #8 Grantview Lane.

Even though it is held in Old Grantwood, this event is for all Grantwood residents including (and especially!) kids. We will have ice cream with all of the toppings, the Affton fire truck will be present (if it is not on call) and the kids are welcome to bring their bikes for a bike parade led by our police officer.

If you have any questions, leave a message at the Village Hall, 842-4409. Hope to see you on the 7th!
Monday, July 16th, 2007
12:53 pm
An update we can smile about!
Have you seen the two recent news stories regarding J. Berra Construction and the EPA? The $590,000 fine they've agreed to pay for site disturbance in earlier developments is the largest in Missouri history. We truly are better off for not having allowed them to scrape and grade an area the deteriorating real estate market would not have let be further developed for some time.

On July 11th, our attorneys, in addition to the defense, went before the St. Louis Circuit Court. It was important enough that the judge (Bresnahan) requested time to further review the background documents, and set a continuing session for July 17th. Due to vacation schedules, it looks like it will actually be July 23rd. At that time, we hope to get a summary judgment from the court, regarding validity of the development ordinance.

We are heartened by this, as it proves our points are valid, and that this is, in no way, a frivolous lawsuit. We press on.

In the meantime, another developer, Erickson Communities, has been in contact with Grassroots on Gravois, regarding a proposed development of a retirement community on the same ground. They have heavily surveyed the property over the past month, and have made contact with all the parties involved. They have a conditional sales agreement with Grants Farm Manor Trust for the site, and have shared their site concept plan with Grassroots on Gravois. This developer has put our community's concerns regarding traffic, flooding and aesthetic impact as the top design priorities. For this proposal to proceed, we need to press against any other overly dense alternative for this tract. If this new development occurs, it would be a far better fate for all involved. They have told us they want to organize community forums to meet the neighbors and take questions and comments, while sharing their vision for this tract. Please stay tuned.

In large part through the efforts of all of us in the community, the JH Berra-led Gravois Creek housing development was stalled and moved into the courts for review. The lawsuit is still pending and funds are still needed to keep it going. We should all be grateful that their development didn't happen to our Gravois Creek community.

Grassroots on Gravois remains dedicated to opposing overly dense hazardous development for a 94-acre tract of land from Musick Road to Cor Jesu, along Gravois Road. We are now 15 months into an ongoing legal action against the County ordinance allowing such development, and hope you agree that we have had some success as a community.

We are nearing the conclusion of our long struggle to overturn the PEU (residential density) ordinance, and expect a ruling on summary judgment from the Circuit Court, toward the middle of July.

As we enter an active courtroom phase of our activities, we must once again ask you to help protect our neighborhood, by helping defray the substantial legal bills we are encountering.

Our legal team, Jenkins and Kling, advises us that we will need approximately $20,000 in additional funding to bring our suit to a resolution. We need your direct help to do this. With 40 homes willing to contribute $500 each, we can press forward. Will you help? We cannot continue without your timely assistance. We know this is a significant amount for anyone, but ask that you counterbalance it against the rise in your property values over time. These are much bigger figures, well worth defending.

Please help your community in a shared effort by sending your check today to:

Grassroots on Gravois

6 Grantwood Lane

Saint Louis, MO 63123

Please call or e-mail any of the following Grassroots on Gravois members for further information, or to contribute. Thanks so much for 15 months of very active and successful community support!

Mike and Pat Jones

Paul and Debbie Fleischut

Ed and Sheri Brimer
Friday, May 25th, 2007
4:22 pm
Hello neighbors,

As many of you know, Grantwood Village's trash hauling services will be changing this summer. For those of you who missed the spirited meeting at the Town Hall on Wednesday, May 23, here is some information for you. The board worked hard to find the right combination of cost, pick-up day, container sizes and availability and yard waste hauling. Here is some important information regarding the changes and costs:

Your Board of Trustees has voted unanimously to recommend Waste Management as our hauler of choice for the next three years.

  • Curb prices varied from $19.50 to $27.87 per month for 1X a week

  • Rear prices varied from $29.88 to $37.00 per month for 1X a week

  • Rear prices varied from $41.60 to 47.36 per month for 2X a week

All of the above prices include Household trash, Recyclables, Yard waste and Bulky waste pickup.

You are currently paying $19.82 per month for 2X rear plus $4.20 for optional recycling. This is a total of: $24.02 per month. Waste Management will charge $19.50, 20.28 and 21.07 per month for the first 3 years (average-$20.29) and $21.92, 22.79 and 22.79 (average-$22.50) for 3 more years if the Board of Trustees renews the contract. Residents may opt-out of all trash service, but not be able to select part of the service. It is against State and County law to place your trash in another person’s container unless you have their express permission.

  • Monday will be the pickup for all 3 services.

  • Every household will be given a 65-gallon Recyclable Cart and either a 65- or 96-gallon cart for regular trash. Additional carts for trash may be rented for $3.50 per month with no limit to the number of carts rented. Carts may not be purchased. Carts will be maintained and replaced by WM if defective or become damaged.

  • You are not required to recycle or to have a WM Recycle Cart. The County Ordinance includes the cost in the service hoping that more residents will consider recycling as an important part of their solid waste life. Currently, 35 of our 347 residences pay for the privilege of recycling at a price of $4.20 per month. The County goal is for 40% participation in residential recycling.

  • Single Stream Recycling will be used. This means that all of the items on the furnished list (this list will be sent to you by mail) are to be placed in the same 65-gallon Recycle Cart with no sorting or crushing required. Rinsing of liquid containers is the only requirement.

  • All carts must be kept behind the front building line until Sunday evening and returned to the front building line on Monday evening. This is required as part of the County ordinance.

  • No household trash will be picked up unless it fits completely within a WM cart. Yard waste may be placed in paper bags or resident supplied trashcans (just like always!). Branches must be less than 6 inches in diameter and must be tied in bundles not more than four feet in length.

  • Windows, doors, sofas, cabinets, shelving are all things considered Bulky Waste. There will be two pickups per year included as part of your monthly cost. Those dates will be published in our newsletter. You may schedule additional pickups at a cost of $25 per pickup.

  • It will be critical to keep household waste out of the Recycle Cart.

Extensive conversations were held with the City of Jennings, City of Bellefontaine Neighbors, City of Dellwood, and the City of Webster Groves. All use Waste Management and two of them have used WM since 1999. Every one of these cities gave excellent references for WM.

The outcry against the new County Code has come from residents in the unincorporated areas of the County. The new law continues to allow incorporated cities such as Grantwood to select the hauler of our choice and to request bids for the best service at the best price for our residents. The residents of unincorporated areas were to have a hauler assigned to them by the County with no choices available to those residences. The task force assigned to review the ordinance is expected to resolve this problem regarding trash districts but the basic goal of the new law still remains, that is, to recycle and reduce the trash going to limited landfill space.

Other advantages to this new way of handling solid waste disposal involve both safety and appearance. One set of three vehicles will cover all pickups on the same day (Monday) and the trucks will move more quickly since they will not be stopping to pickup all of the loose bulky items frequently left at the curbside as is the current practice.

The appearance of our neighborhood will also be improved. Most homes will only have one or two standard carts placed at the curb for less than 24 hours. Yard waste bags or cans will still line our curbs, particularly in the spring and fall.

Some of the questions and concerns brought up at Wednesday's meeting were regarding elderly or physically challenged residents who are unable to get their waste bins from the rear of their property to the curbline and back. Already I have contacted the parents of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts both in Old Grantwood and Forest Haven, and all have said "my child will gladly help out!". If you are a person in need of such help, please comment to this blog entry, and I will personally contact you and put you in touch with a helper. As another resident pointed out, we are a neighborhood, and we all can assist any neighbor that needs help. Please just ask!

Another concern is regarding curb pickup vs. rear property line pickup. The change in pickup venue hopefully will reduce Worker's Comp claims. With curbside trash pickup, the truck actually dumps the trash, rather than the driver. This reduces repetitive injury to the driver. Costs in general are also higher (even with just one pickup per week) because of higher fuel costs and the fact that landfills are moving farther and farther away - it costs more to get our trash there.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new trash contract, please call your Board of Trustees members. If you need help moving your trash bins every week, please reply to this post and I will contact you to help you out!
Saturday, February 3rd, 2007
1:24 am
Upcoming Open House
On Monday February 19 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Grassroots on Gravois will host an open house at the Grantwood Village Town Hall, on the Upper Level. Information regarding the Gravois Creek development will be available. Everyone in the neighborhoods surrounding the 94 acres in question will be receiving information via USPS, so check your snail mail!

Pledges are still needed - either mail back your pledge card to:

Grassroots on Gravois
6 Grantwood Lane
St. Louis, MO 63123

or email your pledge to: brational@sbcglobal.net.

To see the flyer, click here!

Plan on attending this Open House to get new information, ask questions and see where you can help with your support!
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